The work in this series is primarily seascape, but I prefer to call these water worlds.They are paintings done in acrylic on paper/canvas,gouache/watercolor on paper,oil on canvas and pastel on paper from 1999-2006.A full statement may be found on the artist statement category located on the left sidebar.Realism had become my initial expression giving way to more abstract depictions ,expressing the phenomena of the interaction of sky-sea-land,especially in the mysterious juncture of the horizon ,that meeting point between sky and water ,whereby ,color and shapes dissolve  into the distant spacial zone.The Great Lakes, Oceans and Seas have all been compelling images for me due to their constant change.Even when one views the vastness of their expanse,one cannot predict their ultimate form(s) ,as shapes jostle and slip into one another .The sky contributes to color changes due to natural light intensity and reflection .Clouds,also forms of water,hover and morph into shapes carried by the wind.Thus,patterns of these changes exist in the wake of a ship,the dissipation of a cloud,sand of a seashore or the waves and whitecaps in bodies of water creating ever changing ,abstract water worlds.

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